Signing CF iOS Apps

ControlFloor uses an XCTest running on iOS devices called ControlFloorAgent as part of the process of controlling devices.

It also uses an app containing an Upload Broadcast Extension in order to pull screen images/video.

There is a third app as well that is used for analyzing the iOS on-screen keyboard.

All of these apps need to be signed to your devices in order for CF to deploy them to your devices.

We do not provide source code for the apps, as they are closed-source, so the apps are provided in binary format. In order to sign them for your devices you will need to use a resigning tool. Not all resigning tools will work to do so, as all the components of both apps need to be signed. Many resigning tools do not properly resign apps containing an XCTest or an app with an extension such as an Upload Broadcast Extension.

Use paid Apple Developer Account

While free Apple Developer Accounts can be used to re-sign apps, the signing time period is limited to 1-week, and the number of apps that can be installed is limited to 2 per device. As a result a free account will not work for setting up ControlFloor.

Extension / XcTest capable Re-Signer

Not all iOS app re-signing tools are capable of re-signing apps containing extensions or XcTests. Be sure to use a re-signing tool that can do so.