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ControlFloor uses an XCTest running on iOS devices called ControlFloorAgent as part of the process of controlling devices. While CFA is similar to WebDriverAgent conceptually, it shares no code with WDA and does not have a WebDriver based API. As a result, CFA cannot be used in combination with Appium.

It is possible to simultaneously run two XCTests on an iOS device. This is not supported by XCode on MacOS, but the tooling we use internally to run XCTests via Linux on iOS devices is capable of running both ControlFloorAgent and WebDriverAgent simultaneously. Despite it being possible, we do not reccomend doing this.

Instead we reccomend utilizing CFA. CFA has a custom TCP based interface to call it directly on an iOS device, but the CF Server enables provides an HTTPS based API for making calls through to CFA running on a specific device.

In order to simplify making the appropriate calls, we have created a Python utility library you can use to easily make such calls from Python. We have not yet written this code in multiple other languages, but the way it is done is simple and if you wish to make calls from a language other than Python we reccomend basing the calling code you create from the Python code we provide.

The calls available are as follows: